Women's Rugby

Coaching Staff
Coach:Ciara Murray
Assistant Coach:Cormac O'Kelly
Manager:Dave Neville

Despite the long history of the club, the inception of the Wanderers Women's team occurred relatively recently, in September 2014, when it began with a small number of dedicated women who shared a common desire: to get fit, make new friends and play the sport we all loved.

The team's initial journey kicked off with a competition for the Paul Cusack Plate, which the team successfully won. This win geared the team up for their first full season in autumn of 2015. In subsequent years, the team grew stronger and stronger, ultimately winning the 2016/17 Leinster Division 4 league, and being promoted to Division 3.

The following season proved a bigger challenge, and the 2018/19 season saw a loss to Greystones in the relegation/promotion match, bumping the team back down to Division 4, where the team have competed since.

With a new coaching staff, proactive recruitment strategy and reinvigorated ambition from the players, the team are focused on rebuilding from the basics and strengthening the squad to hopefully bring us back to the top of the table!

Women's rugby is a dynamic and skilful sport combining athleticism and strength, catering for all shapes and sizes. The Wanderers Women team is a vibrant, multicultural team, boasting representation from over 10 countries represented through players past and present.

The team is always looking for new recruits, young and old, experienced and entirely new to the sport. Contact us today at any of the above contacts or via our social media channels.

We look forward to seeing you on the pitch!