Mini & Youth Rugby

Wanderers FC is not only a rugby team but also all the excitement that brings. We pride ourselves on being a place where individuals can grow and learn some of life’s greatest values such as respect, integrity, friendship, courage and dignity, while pursuing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Wanderers FC is not just about the players but also the very many participants who contribute to our community club in different ways. All are welcome, and we encourage friends to join. Our team of coaches, several of whom have played rugby at the highest level, do not see themselves as Rugby Coaches, but rather as the coaches who enable playing rugby.

Wanderers FC has a proud tradition of developing rugby players to the highest levels of the game. Most of them began playing rugby with our Mini Section. From little acorns mighty acorns grow, Max Deegan, Ben Brownlee and Rob Russell being testament to this. We have teams from U6 to U18, our most recent success was the U17 league win with the U18 losing out in a cup final. We started mini girls and it is growing from strength to strength, hosting a blitz of 80 girls from six clubs shows how our underage girls are growing. We actively promote all our mini teams taking part in blitz’s all around Dublin and we are fortunate to have the Aviva clubhouse to host mini teams, who have a fabulous experience playing in the home of Irish rugby.

Playing matches is an important developmental element of Mini-Rugby. Our teams play games at home and away in Leinster throughout the season. Parents participation and help with away fixtures is an important element of this and will be welcomed. To best deliver team spirit and results for our mini-rugby players, we focus on fun, skills development, and the values of participation. Mini members combine our motto ‘One Club, One Community’ with our brand of expansive rugby with pride, and there are always the famous breakfast rolls in the clubhouse on Sundays to keep mum and dad happy.